Event Animations

Event Animation Production

We create animated show openers for big outdoor or indoor screens, from a short show opening ‘sting’ to warm up an audience when your MC or presenter walks on stage, or impactful conference opening explainers to remind your attendees what’s coming up in the show.

Why use animation on your event screens?

You only get one opportunity to wow your audience.

  • Reinforce your brand on the big screen with a powerful animated logo
  • Get your audience excited about what’s coming up in the show
  • Announce your headline speakers
  • Add greater value to your event sponsors by showcasing their logo on the big screen
  • Session tracks
  • Remind attendees why they’re there
  • Let your audience know when the party starts!

We have produced dozens of event animations over the years. The very first was for a well-known magazine way back in 2002 in London, and we have gone on to create animated show openers all over the UK, Europe and the USA since. It’s hard to believe the first show was over 2 decades ago, we’ve been at this for a long time.

Since then, we’ve created animated stings and sequences for all types of shows and environments, video projection mapping, and screens of all shapes and sizes, including the huge Pyramid Screen at London’s ExCel.

We’ve worked with the fantastic team at Tech South West on all their annual awards shows, creating their animated opening stings, informational content for the big screen, animated branded content around the show, and animated PowerPoint slide decks.

Types of Event Animation

We create animated movies for all event screens of any type, size and resolution, from arena projection screens in the main hall, to the other supporting LED panels around the event, in corridors, entrances and walkways:

  • Sponsor logo loops – increasing your partners brand exposure to your attendees
  • Digital signage – wayfinding around your show
  • Digital signage for your show’s itinerary
  • Important dates
  • House-keeping

Event Animation for Festival of Media, Rome

Event animation for Festival of Media, Miami