About Leapfrog Animation

Decades of explainer video production

It all started sometime in the mid 70s when the founder of Leapfrog Animation, Mark Peberdy, was a kid making flick books and simple thaumatropes (bird in a cage optical illusion). Then followed zoetropes, victorian magic lanterns, shadow puppets and Ray Harryhausen fighting monsters, it was the 70s after all!

Explainer videos at the beginning
of the internet

Mark first began making explainer videos way back in 2002, over 2 decades ago! Whilst working as an allrounder video and DVD producer (remember those?!) we saw the great benefits of putting video content online. DVDs were massively popular at the time, we produced a lot of these, and it was an interesting process of not only filming and building animations but also the design of the product, including all the menus and packaging. It was a very satisfying thing to finish a project and hold the finished retail DVD in your hand.

Videos the size of a postage stamp!

Although the internet had been around for a few years, back in the early 2000s we were still reliant on dial-up modems (remember those?) and bandwidth was precious. This meant that optimisation was absolutely critical. At the time, compression formats were limited as were our tools, so our videos had to be tiny things. Although they were barely visible, we were very excited to be some of the first content creators putting videos online.

Fast forward to today

Leapfrog Animation came into being in its current form in 2011. Since the studio was set up we’ve produced thousands of animations, explainer videos, conference openers, whiteboard animations and more. We’ve worked with every kind of organisation you can imagine, from charities to automotive, from healthcare to software.

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