Case Studies

Case Study – Stephens Scown

We were approached to create a hand-drawn animation, to feature real staff members, to showcase the many benefits of working for our client, based in the south west.

Sam Moles, our client contact had seen our previous work for South West Water and knew instantly that our distinctive hand-drawn animation style would be a good fit for his forthcoming recruitment campaign.

After careful consideration and deep discussions we produced a set of storyboards and style frames for Sam, which was circulated to the wider management team. These were all approved and we went on the create the full hand-drawn animation.

The script was written in distinct sections, to make it break it up for short social cuts. Once we’d created the full film, this was then edited down into 15-30 second sections, so we were able to provide Sam and his team with a campaign of 5 videos in total, richly detailed content which was then deployed over a period of time. This ‘campaign’ approach maximised the customer’s budget, essentially they ended up with five films for the investment of one.

Feedback from our client

 Exceeding Expectations: A Stellar Experience with Leapfrog Animation


1 – Problem:
When we embarked on our animation project, our primary goal was to captivate potential new colleagues with creative and engaging visuals that conveyed our employee experience and career offering effectively. We wanted to bring our workplace to life, but we were hesitant about finding the right animation company that could truly understand our vision and deliver outstanding results – and if animation was truly the best medium for us.

2 – Solution:
After research and recommendations from trusted peers, we discovered Leapfrog Animation. From the moment we contacted them, it was evident that we had found the perfect partner for our animation needs. Their friendly and responsive team made it easy to communicate our goals, and their genuine interest in understanding our brand and message put our worries to rest.

3 – Results:
Working with Leapfrog Animation was an absolute pleasure. They demonstrated their expertise in the field of animation and design throughout the entire process. Their ability to listen to our feedback, apply it effectively, and suggest the best courses of action truly set them apart. The results they delivered not only met our expectations but exceeded them in every aspect.

The animations they produced were simply outstanding, showcasing a level of creativity and attention to detail that left me in awe. The seamless combination of visual storytelling and captivating animations brought our concepts to life in ways we had never imagined. Witnessing the finished animations was an exhilarating experience that filled us with immense pride and excitement.

4 – Conclusion:
The animations are just now being launched as part of a campaign so it is too early to see their impact externally – but what we do know is how well they have been perceived internally which is no small feat considering the size of our business and the number of colleagues each with their own unique experience of working at Stephens Scown.

In conclusion, our experience with Leapfrog Animation was nothing short of exceptional. Their professionalism, talent, and dedication to delivering top-notch results were evident from day one. They kept us updated on the progress throughout the project, fostering a sense of trust and transparency.

To any business considering working with Leapfrog Animation, we wholeheartedly recommend them. Their expertise in the realm of animation and design is unparalleled, and their commitment to understanding and realising your vision is unmatched.

To the team at Leapfrog Animation, thank you for creating animations that far surpassed our expectations. Your collaboration and dedication will make a significant impact on our brand’s success. We will continue to sing your praises and wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone in search of exceptional animators.

Animation Studio 11

Advice for businesses like Stephens Scown: When seeking animation services, prioritize effective communication, expertise, and a genuine understanding of your brand’s identity and goals. Trust in the creative process and allow animators like Leapfrog Animation to work their magic – the results will undoubtedly leave you amazed.

Thank you Leapfrog Animation.

Sam Moles , For and on behalf of Stephens Scown LLP

Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Engagement and Customer Experience

Case Study – Mimio Digital Signage Series

We were approached by our long-term client Boxlight, for a short animated video to promote their new range of digital signage screens.

Boxlight are based in Seattle, Washington, but being in a different timezone to us in the UK is no problem at all, as we use great tools to allow us to keep communication going out of hours, and I don’t mind early or late zoom calls!

We were provided with a very clear brief from the client, product images and brand materials, and a set of objectives. We came up with a visual direction designed to express dynamism, forward-thinking, versatility and ease-of-use.

Tanya, our client-side project manager was delighted with what we produced, as were the sales and marketing teams.

Feedback from our client

Animation Studio 10

You guys really knocked it out of the park!

Leapfrog Animation create outstanding and professional videos that hit the mark every time. The team is a delight to work with and delivers materials that exceed my expectations.

Tanya Pfefferle, Digital Marketing Specialist, Boxlight