We help complex businesses say it with simplicity

We create slick explainer videos for companies with complicated services, to win more customers.

Show customers that you are right for them

Build stronger relationships with customers

Stay connected with customers for the long term

Do people ‘get’ what you do?

When you offer complicated services, like accountancy or legal services, chances are, if your service looks too hard to comprehend, they will move on in pursuit of something they understand.

For example, if you’re a law firm with plenty of services on offer; family law, conveyancing, corporate law, and these are highly sophisticated with lots of detail, but too dense for most people, they won’t see the value you provide, and who is happy to pay for what they don’t understand? They’ll shop elsewhere.

Customers will trust you if you make it clear. Our animation studio in Devon has been creating animated explainer videos for well over a decade, helping companies show that they are easy to work with, by making things clear and simpler to understand. Imagine how much happier a customer is when they know you as the expert in the service that they want to buy! They’ve found help and they trust your expertise because you made it clear and simple for them.

What our customers say…

Powerful and vibrant…

I know from my over 25 years of making TV shows how incredibly hard it is to get the story right, I really mean it when I say you should all be incredibly proud of what you have created. The show feels powerful, new and vibrant.  WELL DONE.

Justin Albert

Director for Wales, National Trust

A breath of fresh air...

The team not only understood exactly what it was the University of Exeter Students’ Guild wanted to achieve from our brief, but delivered outstanding work in a very short space of time. The feedback to the video content has been very well received and we look forward to working with the team again on our next project.

Natasha Laws

Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Exeter Students’ Guild

Looks fabulous...

I’ll be spreading the word about what you do. Thanks again and it’s been a pleasure working with you and the team.

Kitty Mann

Marketing and Communications, South West Water

Why Leapfrog Animation?

Get noticed

We are creative experts, adept at generating concepts and ideas to seize your viewers’ attention

Stay connected

Our animated explainer videos are all ready to be deployed on your social media channels

Highest quality

We completely commit to every project for every client to ensure the highest standards of work

Who have we worked for?

Our main animation services

From our animation studio in Devon, we produce animated videos for just about as many types of organisations as you can imagine. From solicitors to accountants, and universities to display screen manufacturers, we have produced hundreds of animations over the years.


  • Cartoons
  • Hand-drawn whiteboard videos
  • 3D animation
  • 2D motion graphics
  • Kinetic typography
  • Product explainer videos
  • Conference opening animated stings
  • Animated TV commercials
  • Digital signage animation
  • Animated event slide decks and presentations.

Fun fact!

Human brains read images much faster than any other form of content, 60,000 times faster to be exact!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an animation cost?

This is a tricky question to answer, as you can imagine, given that no two animations are ever identical. In all our years of creating bespoke animated videos for clients, our projects have varied from the mid-hundreds of pounds for very quick and simple projects where the client has a limited budget, to a few thousand pounds where the client really understands the value of high production values that match the quality of their product.

Animation takes too long, I need it quick!

Animation projects are all very varied, and therefore timescales vary too. In our 10 + years of experience, we have turned around hundreds of projects in a matter of days, some very simple ones on the same day when a desperate client really needed it, although obviously we prefer plenty of warning!

The short answer is that, typically, our projects tend to take 2-4 weeks to turn around, from out initial consultation and meetings to delivering the first full draft.

As said, there are a lot of factors at work, availability of our studio and workload, client approvals etc, but we always work very hard to move projects through efficiently.

Why animation instead of live action video?

We love live-action video here, of course, and sometimes nothing else will do. We are biased in favour of animation, of course, so rather than saying that animation is simply better than live-action, it’s more useful to give reasons from our customers instead:

Video becomes dated – A recent client had had some very nice videos produced a couple of years previously, and it didn’t take long before half of the staff in the video had move on.

Animation is easier to update – We keep as much as we can carefully archived, and our clients like it that we can easily get back into the project and update the graphics, much like a website. So there’s no need to get a film crew back on site and arrange a costly, time-consuming re-shoot.

It looks more ‘on-brand’ – Animation creative is created in-line with the logo and brand guidelines, everything looks right because we can pick out brand colours and shapes, use the correct typography as specified by your designers, so it will have the right look and feel.

I've never commissioned an animation before, is it easy?

It’s actually very easy for you to commission an animation. We have been doing it for so many years that we have great processes and tools which take the hard work away from you. We ask questions at the beginning of the process, we cover technical correctness at this stage so that what we create will be correct, but the rest is left to us. 

Our long-term clients now know us so well, that they often simply send a few lines in an email, and in return they get a fully finished animation, with music, voice over, polished and ready to present to the world.

We tackle the heavy lifting, so you can relax, knowing that it’s being handled.

Animation looks more expensive than video!

There is a misconception that it’s hugely expensive to do, but this is not the case. A day’s filming with a camera op and a director, allowing for travel costs, food and accommodation, equipment etc can easily run into four figures, and that’s before the footage has even arrived with an editor! In animation terms, this can cover the cost of an entire project!

With animation, there’s no large initial acquisition cost like this; we begin creating the production media right away, ready to be animated, which in-turn can keep costs lower.

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