Whether you’re producing video, video with added motion graphics, or pure animation, it’s important to think about how you’re going to stand out from the competition. This isn’t always easy but there are few ways you can make sure your visual content will stay in the mind of your audience for all the right reasons. Here are three ideas for kick-starting the creative process and creating memorable videos.

Think Outside the Box

All memorable visual content starts with a strong idea – whether that content is depicting a new product or service, or is looking for an original way to say something which has been said many times before. Good ideas don’t always come easily though so it’s worth mapping out concepts on paper and getting feedback on them, from the people you work with and if possible the kind of people who will be watching the video.

The benefit of animation is that it makes it easier to come up with something creative and unique. If you think of any advert for a vacuum cleaner, chances are they’ll be pretty similar (a fed up housewife pushing a vacuum across a suspiciously dirty patch of carpet). But with animation you could demonstrate the awesome suction power of your hoover by having it suck up anything, like wallpaper from a wall, the turf off a lawn, or the tarmac off a road. Or if you’re like Dyson you could spruce up your generic advert with a subtle bit of animation.

Create a Signature Style

Branding is just as vital for videos as it is for any other kind of marketing material so it’s worth coming up with a signature style for all the visual content you are putting out. This style could include a logo, a specific font, or a strict palette of colours, and will help your audience to recognise your content.

With concentration spans shrinking all the time if you can create an instantly recognisable look for your videos (and provided you’re producing good content) you’ll be able to train people to click on your brand’s videos without thinking about it.

Motion graphics allow for even deeper customisation and tailoring of a video to your brand’s style. Every colour can be exact, every letter the perfect size, and every element of the video made to fit in with your branding.

Accentuate with Animation

Even if you don’t want to go the whole hog and have a fully animated video there are plenty of options for integrating motion graphics into your live-action vids which can make them stand out. Whether it’s something subtle to illustrate what’s going on inside of something (like the Dyson example above) or a way of conveying abstract ideas that couldn’t be easily expressed in any other medium, animation can accentuate and elevate live-action video to turn it into something more engaging and memorable.

By keeping these three things in mind when producing your visual content you’ll be well on your way to producing videos that not only entertain and inform but boost your revenues as well.

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